There have been plenty of times that my gut feelings have led me away from potential danger. There have been plenty of times that I have ignored my instincts and nothing happened.

This is about prejudgment though, not your feelings. Case in point, in the Bible it talks about unknowingly entertaining angels. It suggests that by feeding a homeless man you may end up feeding an angel. I do not know about that specifically, just an example, I do not know if I have ever entertained an angel.

I know that when I was a kid, I sat in front of man on the bus with my Mother. I turned to look at a very old man behind me, I remember he had on a derby-type hat and very large ears. I commented on the size of them, not to tease him, it was just an observation. In fact, I liked them. I remember he just smiled back and something about that interaction has stayed with me, even 30 years later. Maybe he was an angel, maybe I told an angel he had large ears…

I have run into countless people in prison that have up very large walls. They have their mean face on, or their defenses up for self-preservation. They look threatening, therefore, you stay away from them. When you walk past them you tend to avoid them. Which, means that you do not interact with them long enough for their defenses to drop.

This kind of happens with us in the gay community, or even the LGBT as a whole. We are prejudged by straight people. They have this idea about us that is completely wrong. Or maybe its right. Either way, we become the enemy and we have done nothing other than be who we were born as.

The same is true for different races, cultures, or the guy on the next street over. The point is we do this too, as LGBT people, we judge.

This is what caused the division between some trans and gay people. There is judgment. It is also what prevents the reformed felon from getting a job or housing. It is what prevents many great relationships. Prejudgment or fear of being judged by others.

I know this, when someone looks past my situation and takes the time to know me…I appreciate it and I become fiercely loyal. Why? Because clearly that’s rare.

Be kind. It may mean the difference between the help you need and the reason you did not get what you need…think about it. Maybe you call it karma…

With Love
Jeff Utnage