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Saturday January 2nd, 2016 Its a wonderful start to a new year. Holidays in prison can be hard physically and

New Years In Prison: This is the start of another year in prison for me. I don’t look at that

Prison Relationships: Should They Be Banned? In the state of Washington DOC, inmate to inmate relationships are not allowed. If

Performing Arts In Prison? Recently I received a resource guide for prisoners across the US. Its resources were listed by

Washington DOC Releases 3200 inmates early: If you read a headline like the one above it could certainly strike fear

Ways To Contact/Ways To Help: Here are the available ways to contact me: Email through (the only DOC approved

Christmas 2015 As I sit here sipping hot chocolate and listening to 90’s tunes I find myself thinking about a

There are many types of Christian’s out there. Just like there are many types of Muslim’s. Often when there is

I have this bracelet. It’s thin and flimsy and doesn’t like to stay together very well. In fact, i’m always

Sometimes I think I am the most feared in prison. Not me as an individual, me as a type. I

Earlier this week I recieved the latest issue of The Advocate, in it there was an article written on drag

Learning To Be GayAfter coming out I had a real dilemma. I had never been around openly gay people for