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I am going through a rough patch. You know when you get to know someone and you just know that

Mathematical precision. That statement means something in all fields of science and when it’s said outside of academia it rings

On September 26th, 2021 a bunch of us were going to meet on our prisons yard as friends and give

Well its happening people. I am currently sitting in an air bnb in Spokane awaiting my appointment for breast consultation.

Here’s one for you courtesy of Coxford and Payne, HBJ Algebra, 1983, pg.137, Review Question No. 15: Maria is now

Gold may be hard to get but that’s not why it’s valuable. Gold is valuable because it is rare. I

It’s been said that prison is either a womb or a tomb, but that we all have a choice in

HumanMe needs your help, we are committed to raising the voices of those who have chosen to rehabilitate while in

Could it be that we are currently allowing ourselves to see the good that someone else may not see? Good

It’s been over 10 years -or- 3779 days -or- 5,441,760 minutes -or- 326,505,600 seconds- since I’ve seen freedom. 28.205128 percent

Have you ever encountered an event you KNEW was going to happen? An event you have been looking forward to

Are you a company who doesn’t hire the formerly incarcerated? You might want to rethink that choice. Hiring the *right*