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How Covid Makes Prisons Follow The Science… Follow the science. Sure. The Covid pandemic has consumed the American populous for

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I am looking for side gigs as a virtual assistant, consultant or help of some sort. I have created my

What do you do if you are unhappy with yourself? I hear people all the time who are unhappy with

“My Stroke Of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD In her remarkable book, My Stroke Of Insight by neuroscientist Jill

House Bill 1344, Emerging Adult Parole… In a state like Washington that has no functional rehabilitative motivators, House Bill 1344,

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What if you turn January 1st 2022, and every January 1st thereafter, from a day of your resolutions into a

Insecure but Connected: What 10 years of technology has done to relationships (and why me being in prison has given

She Was Found Guilty… The Kim Potter verdict came in a few minutes ago and she was found guilty of