Yesterday I was witness to two separate people absolutely driving themselves mad to pound their political views on others. One even worked himself into a physical posture as though to disagree would be the same as striking him in the face. My two examples sat on both sides of America’s current divide. One wasn’t better than other, one was “more correct”. They both saw two very different sides of today’s issues. A difference our country was founded on, because it made room for all these views and, traditionally, we found dignified respect for the viewers. However, is this the new method of handling our views as well as treating our neighbors? On any given day, with any other difficult issue, neither of these people are aggressive or a slave to the ego that needs to make them the “most correct” or the “only choice” on any side of the issues. But for some reason, politics changes things.

I want to make a reminder, as a veteran and as a prisoner. Be respectful of the liberty to view the world the way you want. Some people have died to ensure Americans can see the world exactly as they wish. Some people have lost everything to mistakes, to include their voice, their vote, and their autonomy. Don’t use your opportunity to engage your differences to destroy your neighbor, his ideals, or your self respect. It’s as though to get to decent political conversations, you need some variety of political safe word… And safe indeed. Far too many subjects “trigger” people into rage. Why? Just disagree, right? Nobody’s safety needs to be jeopardized over a discussion. Perhaps in the course of politics, we’ve lost our morality in the art of the debate. Let’s hear it for an election year and the lunacy that goes with it…

by Rory Andes

From prison, I can say, “Be good to each other out there.”

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