Alright, maybe I could have chosen a different title, but if I can’t mess with you guys who can I mess with? Actually we are talking about brain stuff.

Did you ever have a moment where you felt like singing? How about praying? It gets triggered by some event or word or ? It is kind of like feeling the urge to sing a song that won’t stop playing in your head, so you sing it. Well, I had one of those moments recently, only I felt the urge to lift myself up. Strange right?

I was feeling a little anxious and this feeling overwhelmed me to say positive things to myself (I know, super cheesy) and I’ll be damned if I didn’t recall these positive affirmations I have to say for a program I take. In that moment I am glad I had something plugging the “holes” I could use.

In 36 years I have not had a moment where positive affirmations ever held a place in my life, until that moment. I was glad I had said them so many times I could recall a few of them easily.

Here is a few I have to say with this program I am taking by Defy Ventures called CEO of Your New Life (CEO-YNL), now don’t laugh at me:

I am worthy of the love I am receiving
I will succeed
Succeeding feels good!
I am forgiven
I forgive me

There is a list of like 10 or 11 more but those are the ones I find myself removing from that hole and inspecting frequently.

What about you? Do you ever do this?

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With Love
Jeff (Ruthie) Utnage