My roommate, Ruth, is driving me crazy. She needs someone to connect to from the community, like you the reader. She writes for your reading pleasure everyday and she leaves her contact information and I see the let down everyday at mail call when our readers don’t write in. I’m begging you, write her. Anything. Anything at all! Its driving me batshit crazy because she supports so many people in here, and she needs someone to support her on day to day conversation from the LGBT community (or it’s allies) as it looks in the free world. Your world. The world she’ll be a part of in the next couple of years. She wants to build the bridge to your world with your conversation.

She’s smart, driven, and beautiful inside and out. She’s a complex, deep and heavy thinker, so have your “A” game ready. My goal for her is to get just one person to maybe even visit her. We live in the back yard of Seattle with one of the best, most supportive LGBT communities on the planet and the people that can make her day the most are just minutes away. I’m asking you to be one of them. Just write her. Be a part of the conversation with her. For shit’s sake, let me see some joy in her face because someone new is in her atmosphere. You won’t be let down (and neither will I. But don’t tell her I sent you, lol)… Thanks!

By Rory Andes

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