Do you guys like poems? This one is from the heart.

I want to write you the perfect letter because this is out first letter, but we both know there is no such thing as perfect. A blank canvis can be perfect, until an artist comes and introduces shaded flaws and colored personalities. I come to you today as a man that has a coloured past and even a present that is shaded heavily, but I pray that I have many blank pages in front of me and I’d love for all of them to be with you. I want to paint summer sunsets, winter fire places, and even cold thunderstorms, all of them with you. I know we will make mistakes and I don’t know if we will be okay, but as long as were together I know love will conquer all the way. I will be honest, I will be cheesy, and above all I will be me, the diamond in the rough. Keep this letter close to you in case we need it on a special day. Who knows, it might even be a perfect day. 

Truly yours, 

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