I have obtained a book about Origami techniques. This book is supposedly a “How To” for beginners of this art form. That is if one defines a “beginner” as someone who has a PhD in engineering. It became quite evident that I do not, nor will I ever obtain a PhD in engineering.

The book has pictures of the finished product along with detailed directions as to the proper folds and sequence thereof. Since I never follow written directions in any form, much to my detriment, this book has proven to be a challenge for me. I also happen to be dyslexic so usually when I look at patterns, puzzles, bunches of numbers, and in this case paper fold lines I may as well be looking at Chinese Characters. Nevertheless, I tried to fold a flower today during a lockdown. It turned out to resemble a frog, which would have been impressive if I was trying to make a frog, but since I was trying to make a lotus, I have to say I failed. I failed in a spectacular fashion which in of itself is a work of art. This will have to do.

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