Good morning planet earth, I very much enjoy sending you all a message of creativity. Ok, so, I was in my creative writing class this morning going over my lines for our up and coming play, when I noticed a quote on our director/volunteers T-shirt. “Paper Airplanes Help you to imagine”.

I was sooooooooo inspired to make a few paper airplane’s, I went back to my humorously large prison cell, cranked up Maroon 5 “Sugar”, and did work! I had tons of fun making all shapes and sizes, the only bummer was my flight time was short lived, it was like trying to throw it in a parked car! I even stood on my porcelain toilet just so my hang time would last a moment longer.

Here’s what I came away with I realized reading a simple quote on a T-shirt inspired me to think about making something out of nothing. I was influenced by this quote to imagine paper airplanes, flying one, giggling while doing it as well. Also, it helped me to live a little outside the box, no pun intended. I’ve shouted this out to groups of prisoners all over our institution.

Right now I have guy’s making them for me to send out to random addresses around the world to be tossed about and thrown off mountain tops, roof tops, British windmills, and if their willing to climb up the Golden Gate Bridge with a paper airplane thats water soluble/eco friendly, that would be cool too.

I hope I’ve inspired you to not only make a paper airplane and see how far you can make it fly, but to listen to Maroon 5 ” Sugar ” while using your incredible imagination and having the best day ever!

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Inner Peace,
Marshall Byers

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