First, understand we all go through times of anxiety and become overwhelmed. We all have times where we need to do this or do that and all we can seem to do is lay in our beds and try to sleep. It is going to be OK.

Here are some tips to help you overcome being overwhelmed:

1. Make a list- Sit down and write or type out an exhaustive list of every little thing you have responsibility too as well as everything you want to do.

2. Circle the things you can accomplish today with minimal effort, like paying your water bill or making the phone call to arrange a payment plan.

3. Prioritize your list- With the simple stuff handled you can move on to things that will take more effort. Answer this, which one(s) will cause lots of problems if you do not address them soon? Those should be your next focus, break each one down into steps, begin there.

4. Get motivated- I know, that’s what your lacking. Remember this though, when was the last time someone just handed you something? “Here’s your easy life, have fun!” It doesn’t work like that, you are going to have to scrap and fight for every little morsel of freedom, happiness, and satisfaction your ever gonna get. If you don’t fight for you, look around you, who else will? Your worth it, if you need someone to talk to, I promise to be a friend.

YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Need some encouragement? Get a hold of me, even from within prison I can help you organize your priorities, help motivate you to the next step, make you feel better about yourself. We all need that, let me be that for you.

I cannot offer you an easy life or all the worlds things, but I CAN offer you a friend along the way. We are all walking towards our goals, let’s walk together.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle” Utnage