I assume most Americans understand the concept of a government by the people for the people. I wonder how many people feel that their voices have been weighed in our countries decisions? It would seem we have elected dictators in four year increments. Just in case one dictator gets ousted, they have a worse option waiting in line.

So many people I talk to know that their vote matters. But those same people feel underrepresented, if at all. 

We as occupants of this land have a responsibility to ourselves and our children to take control of our lives again. We don’t need to agree on everything. But surely we can agree that Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives and so on do not represent majorities actual views. The majority of our countries political representatives were born from upper middle class and upper class homes. They don’t know what its like to watch their parents do drugs, or to live with strangers, or to attend a school that has the problem of poverty. How can they represent us? They can’t.

So long as we have racial, sexuality, and religious divisions among us we ignore the class division that has grown since 1776. 

We are not powerless as citizens. The same tactics used in prison systems is the same tactics used by our government to maintain our submission and cooperation. A few violently patrol many and the most violent get feared. This has been used for thousands of years for the few, the elite, to maintain power and control over the masses.

We don’t need to agree on everything. Just one thing. Just one topic. Just one issue. We unite over one issue and deconstruct the entities that benefit from it, then move on to the next issue we can agree on. 

Our politicians will learn to respect our needs or they will be removed and their careers will be destroyed. Because we have that power. We as citizens have that ability. We don’t need to accuse sexual deviance’s to get them out, we are the majority vote. 

Demand your rightful position as a occupant of this land. 

Just think about this. No action, no taking to the streets in foolish rage or anger. Share this and let it ruminate, have this conversation with your peers.

This isn’t an immigration or anti government or anarchist propaganda (no opinion on them either way) this is propaganda to get you to think about your role in life, in your life. If the candidates available don’t represent you, demand new ones or run yourself. I’d rather have a convicted felon who’s been through trials and tribulations and overcome in office then some silver spooned, bleeding heart who’s never known poverty or discrimination…

Think about it, I beg you.

With Love