As an LGBT community we can face public scrutiny that seems to overshadow everything else. Our allies take it on the chin for standing tall with us and even though we have an entire community behind us one persons venom can seemingly overpower everything positive we have going on by causing us to focus our precious attention on that negativity instead of our community. I urge you to resist that temptation.

As an LGBT community our pasts are colorful, shall we say. We have come from the shadows of society and some have criminal convictions (like myself) some were prostitutes, some were former gay bashers, some were none of these things at all. We all have one thing in common though, we are a community and we specialize in making our own families.

If you are one of those fortunate few who has a family who loves them no matter what your past has been, thank them because it is a rarity. For the rest of us we rely heavily on our LGBT community and its allies for the intense emotional support we all need sometimes.

That’s the beauty of us though. We sometimes need support but that also means sometimes we can give it. We know what it feels like to be hated, truly hated. We understand what it feels like to wonder if your life is worth living and have all felt the inner turmoil of our sexuality and/or gender identity. We are uniquely suited to stand shoulder to shoulder with one another and face whatever comes through that fog next.

Just know that some of us are experienced and our skin is thick from years of battle, riddled with terrible decisions and scars. We can take a beating but more importantly we know how to weather a storm and all its uncertainty and anxiety it can cause.

If you ever need an ear, know I am always here and glad to support you.

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With Love
Jeff (aka Ruthie) Utnage