The other half of this Proverb is …”but much increase comes by the strength of an ox.” 

Sometimes we expect changes in our lives to be clean, neat, and simple. Things that require a bit more attention get ignored because it often comes with collateral messes that need attention. It’s the big things we need to challenge within ourselves.

I like this proverb because it explains that change isn’t this perfectly neat and orderly process. Its messy, uncomfortable, and requires additional help most often. That’s where God comes in. Believe it or not there is a plan for you. You were born for a purpose and a cause. 

Life, our childhood, and adult experiences all play a part in deviating us from our intended courses. The good thing is, God knew that and created you anyway! Not only were you created despite that, but God can use you BECAUSE of that. Our “mistakes” and “shortcomings” are what God uses to prepare us for His purpose. It gives us a humble attitude and a willingness to endure.

Your mistakes are not just regrets, they are tools to draw on later in life when things get messy. I encourage you to think about what your next self-improvement task should be and ask for help. If things get a little or even a lot messy, all that means is that bigger changes are coming.

With Love