While we are performing, working, or out socializing we are busy doing whatever were doing at the moment. We forget that God gave us creative minds and He enjoys our labor, our creativity!

If you are a drag performer He wants to entertain with you! If you are blistering the airwaves with shouts of equality, He is there shouting right along side of you. When you are laughing and hugging and being happy, He is there.

When most become serious about their beliefs is when they are in some sort of trouble, or when something goes wrong. Then they turn to God in anger or desperation and demand He help. Forgetting that He has been a major part of all the “normal” times in your life.

We look at God as a genie to grant wishes when we desire, as if we are entitled to them. Do not forget you were created for a purpose. You have a job to do and if you aren’t happy in your job it is because you probably weren’t meant to do it. Or maybe its because something else is amiss in your life, either way, it is time to do a heart check.

Draw nearer to God and watch your faith increase. You draw near by inviting Him into your everyday life. Acknowledging His presence in those moments and allowing yourself to feel pride when something goes well in your life.

Not everyone will be a believer in God, but for those that are or think they can’t because of their LGBT status, this is for you.

With Love
Jeff Utnage