When you don’t feel comfortable going to a church but still believe in God, how do you increase your faith? I have put together some tools for you from my own experience as a gay man who still loves his God.

1) Communicate with God
Prayer is not an opportunity to ask your genie for your three wishes. It’s a way to let God know how you feel. Talk like your orating to a journal. Yell at Him, cry to Him, laugh with Him, pour out your heart…just talk to Him. 

2) Read the Bible daily
I read the Proverb of the day every morning. There are 31 Proverbs, one for every day of the month. If its the 20th, I read Proverbs 20. Often I read an old and new testament chapter after, but I always start my morning with my Proverb. At least, it provides wisdom for your day.

3) Know that God wants you happy, not miserable
Christianity is not constant torment and on-your-knees subjection. Its being successful, happy, humble, loving, peaceful, and charitable. God designed you for something specific and it wasn’t to be His whipping post. There was one Job, not Job plus you. If we have free will to make mistakes, then we must also have free will to make the right decision! If something is wrong in your life, try making some changes.

4) Bring God with you
When you go anywhere, do anything, bring God. A simple and quiet “God, let’s go get this coffee, or fire this employee, or make my morning coffee” will remind you of His presence. God is with you anyway, but by acknowledging His presence in your day-to-day life, it helps your bond grow and makes you more mindful of what you do.

Remember that faith is not faith if you can see it. Faith is the absence of proof. Which is why God asks us to keep it. It can only increase in more absence, requiring more usage, more dependence. 

With Love