I have seen the TV shows that attribute every anomaly from the past to proof of aliens. There are many, many people who claim to have seen aliens, spaceships at least. Religious temples of old have been attributed to the work of aliens, even the power of the Ark Of The Covenant. 

The thought of a God just crawls on people. One Impossible thing couldn’t have created us. So many would rather believe we came from bacteria. (if we came from bacteria, or fish or monkeys than those things would not exist. Because at some point the function of that species wasn’t good enough for survival, thus evolution. If we evolved from monkeys than why do monkeys still exist? I guess the monkeys didn’t get the memo!)

However, God is in the same boat to many people. Many people have claimed to have heard from God or had interactions of some sort with Him. In belief in God one must also believe in His creation of everything. Which aligns better with the “Big Bang Theory” because if there was dust or rocks or some matter or atom or nucleus that collided together to form the great expanse, than who created (or what) the material that collided? It didn’t just suddenly appear out of nothing. Nothing cannot create something.

In my own personal belief I do not believe that God created this big ole universe and left us all alone in it. It seems silly to create infinity and only put a few beings in it, relatively speaking. We may all not see aliens or God, but it doesn’t stop most of us from believing they exist.

Believing in God is just as crazy as believing in something being created from nothing. Only, one theory explains what happens after we die while the other is still shrugging their shoulders in question. 

I have to go with what I know on this one. I have felt the presence of something majestic in times of great pleasure and great turmoil. I have dream’t of things I have never seen, been guided to do the right thing when my mind was set on wrong. I believe I have seen a ghost, or an unexplaneable materialization of mass that resembles a human figure, at least. 

Maybe it’s not God vs Aliens, maybe it’s God created aliens? Not everything and everyone is at enmity with God.

With Love