Sometimes in life people do not like us, even hate us. It happens. We are not going to be everyone’s favorite person. Believe me, I know. But as believers of God and receivers of God’s grace and forgiveness we are not to be brought down in the turmoil of hatred or enemies.

Remember David and Saul? Saul hated David, wanted him dead so badly he spent years and sent whole armies after David. But David refused to acknowledge him as an enemy, instead CHOOSING to love Saul with everything he could. He wasn’t saving face with God by half-heartedly praying for relief from Saul, no, David used actions to speak for his heart by having the opportunity to end Saul and choosing instead to try and repair the relationship.

This is our model that the Father wants us to follow. Enemies serve you no purpose. Once someone is your enemy they can no longer be useful in your life and it requires more energy to hate then to forgive. God doesn’t want this for us because our energy is precious and needed for our goals, our families, our lives… why waste such a precious resource on someone who serves no purpose in your life?

It is okay to struggle with this, be honest with God and lay it on His shoulders because God is the only one who can deal with it properly.

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With Love
Jeff (aka Ruthie) Utnage