Before I am anything else, I am a Christian. Then I am gay, then a gender-bending man, then a father, son, and friend. When I get stressed and/or depressed I always turn to God. When something good happens I turn to Him as well. 
I know that religion, particularly Christianity, is a sore spot for many LGBT people today. However, there are many LGBT people who still believe in God even though some of His people suck. Some would say they’re overzealous, I would call them crappy brothers and sisters. 

I get that some of you are not Christians, I get it. Perhaps your not because you truly believe another path? Maybe you don’t believe because of terrible experiences in the church. Maybe you don’t believe because you can’t seem to reconcile those few passages that have been used to clobber you, maybe its because you believe the things the protesters say at Pride marches…

Whatever the reason, I will be letting you know in the title that it is going to be Religion based by stating “Our Gaily Bread”. 

I believe in the power of God and Jesus. I believe I am saved and I don’t believe that I am sinning by being homosexual. Nor do I believe anyone else is condemned because they are transitioning to their correct gender. 

I have spent years pouring over this Bible reconciling myself to it. What I have found about this Word may surprise you, in fact, I know it will. 

To learn more about what God and Jesus Christ really thinks about LGBT people, look for posting titles with “Our Gaily Bread” in them.

Starting Soon!

With Love
Jeff Utnage