To many people have told me that they were forced to go to church when they were younger and now they hate it. Or they have been attacked by clobbering Christians at some point. There are many reasons why one might decide to no longer accept a Creator. 

I want to tell you God still loves you. God made a choice to love us when He decided to send a Savior. Which was talked about from the beginning. He CHOSE to love us and knew that we would rebel. 

I am going to state something radical here, God loves the LGBT community and we are not mistakes. God did not create us just to condemn us to hell. We serve no purpose in that regard…

Throughout the whole Bible there is example after example of God doing what nobody understands. Using the small and weak to defeat the mighty, circumcision, animal sacrifices. When mankind thinks they have a good grasp on this whole God thing, I think of the Pharisees, then along comes Jesus.

We don’t understand everything and just 75 years ago this same text was used to keep women silent in church because men’s interpretation was wrong for THOUSANDS of years! Then our thinking evolved and suddenly, thank God, women were our equals. Why would our evolution suddenly stop? Are we really that stupid to think that we know all there is to know about the Bibles meaning? Hardly. 

Be open to God again, together we can establish fellowship with our Creator as we are right now. We will never be some peoples idea of what God loves or chooses. Like Joseph, David, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr…you. We don’t need other people to go to heaven, we need Jesus. 

Its as simple as that.

With Love
Jeff Utnage