“Don’t tell me you want to change and then not show up for a class that will assist you in your release! (Heavy Sigh) I’m trying, I really am trying to help anyone willing to help themselves but I can’t stand being left in a conference room alone feeling like I have failed you. I know I don’t have the same upbringing you may have had and maybe you do find it hard to relate to me but come on man are you serious about turning your life around or are you just going to bs everyone around you including yourself? If its the later please stop wasting your own time and find your rock bottom already so I can pick you up we can get back to work! I will not quit on you, you have my word. When your ready to face real life come find me, you know where I live.”
In my spare time I help anyone who wants to create a release plan for their future as a REACH facilitator. This is the conversation I had with a student of mine that skipped class for gym. Hope you enjoyed.

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