Watching an old country PBS show tonight, my memory was awakened. Hearing Dolly Pardon sing “Jolene” helped me to remember my mom and dad telling me years ago, If I was born a girl, that’s what they would have named me. But…I was born a wild little boy, and the Marshall Tucker Band was there inspiration for naming me Marshall. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. Not sure how y’all feel about certain songs of the past, but they effect me in a deep and moving way.

Driving with my six year old daughter sitting next to me, I sang along to Alison Krauss “When You Say Nothing At All” turned all the way up while she laughed and giggled forever touches my heart to this day. In the beginning of my prison term, I couldn’t even stomach hearing any country song without feeling my chest cave in from the loneliness. Song’s like Tim McGraw’s “Everywhere”, Toby Keith’s “He Ain’t Worth Missing”, Brooks and Dunn “Neon Moon” and Willy Nelson an M. Hagered’s “Pancho and lefty”.

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