I gave a presentation yesterday to my peers. Let me back up a minute though.

This last week has been a challenge. Besides that I’m taking college courses 30/hrs a week, I also have been dealing with the shake ups within the LGBT community in prison. Not every gay guy is good socially or in tune to others feelings. In prison, not every trans woman is really a trans woman.

So while I am dealing with some of my socially inept peers and attempting to convince some, that claim to be trans, that taking their shirts off in the yard while requesting more private shower stalls… you see my challenge. 

So I gave this workshop yesterday that was successful. I didn’t have to. I could have easily just let these folks tear each other part, including themselves. But I am absolutely in love with the LGBT community. I feel tied to them and I don’t regret it. Our ups, our downs, I love it. 

I will read books just because the author or content is somehow LGBT. Just so I can support them. Or poetry, or articles, or listen to my peers whine, cry, boast, flex, create unnecessary drama, and dream. Its all within my wheelhouse of what I consider “a part of the job.”

Yup, I’m a smitten kitten over all of you…
If your LGBT I am enamored, perhaps foolish, but true.

With Love
Jeff Utnage