Those of us that contribute to this want one common thing, normalcy in our community. We want to be known as members of society, not prisoners who write. We are brothers, fathers, sons, neighbors, employees, and bosses. We are community leaders, mathematicians, Business Degree grads, computer programmers, veterans, anarchists, Republicans and Democrats and everything in between. We are people, actual human people who are struggling to have human connections with other actual people.

That’s what this months theme is all about, normality, being one of you.

This month, whenever you see the title “October 2018 Theme: Know Me As A Member Of Society”, it will be what that title has sparked inside of us, maybe it will be right on point, maybe it will be off in left field somewhere, but the bottom line is we are all so thankful to have this platform and for each of us it is a blessing.

Thanks for reading and please leave comments!

With Love (because I can love whoever the hell I want)
Jeff Jeffebelle Utnage