Here at we are always trying to figure out new ways of inspiring our beloved community. Our newest way, themes. Here’s how we’re going to do it:

Every month we will announce a theme and our writers will write out whatever that theme inspires in them. They will be clearly titled for easy spotting, probably with the word Theme in it!

See, easy!

What I personally like about our little platform here is we have the ability to talk about whatever. The truth is, one of our writers is straight, one is pansexual, and then there’s me (Jeffebelle-Gender NonConforming and totally into men, whatever that makes me) and with such a variety of backgrounds between the three of us we are all going to interpret differently.

Our hope, and I speak for us all, is that our words in some way, shape, or form inspire you to be loving, caring, and maybe even smile. All three of us are inmates who have love, I mean, real love, for people…for you. You deserve love, we deserve love. Maybe we can use this little platform to spread some of it.

Our first theme will be in August and it will be:

The Mirror Brings…

If you’d like to participate in our writing, please contact our site owner:
Valerie Utnage (Momma Bear) at [email protected] for details (its easy, not very complicated).

With Love
Jeff Jeffebelle Utnage