I remember growing up I hated being poor. I swore it would not be me, I’d be rich by my early twenties. Then my early twenties came and I lost hope for endless riches and began hoping for a hand up.

I remember thinking, “If I could just get one person to help me out of this hole, I would be good.” So I began to resent the world. 

I blamed my woes on the world. It was the governments fault, or Gods fault, or I was just unlucky…I had no idea where I was going wrong.

The few people who did try and tell me where I was going wrong held no credibility with me, they themselves seemed to be broken. 

In retrospect, had someone done that, I never would have realized what I was doing wrong. I wasn’t unlucky, I was unhappy. It wasn’t the governments fault, I chose to remain quiet and not use my voice. I didn’t have because I didn’t go and get. It was that simple. Sacrifices had to be made in my life. 

This is true of all things in our lives. Nothing will ever just be handed to you. If it is, it comes at a price. What will you have to give? Consider carefully, wisely. If you want to be treated fairly, you must demand it and treat others fairly first. Long before you demand it. If you want equality, the same must be done; being liked is not the same as equality. 

Financial security comes with labor. It comes with risking your comfort zone. Sometimes it is only accomplished with much sacrifice and sometimes, often times that sacrifice is much needed.

Nothing will be handed to you in life. You will have to work for everything of value. But its worth it, its worth the sacrifice because its called self improvement and it needs to be done by “self.”. 

Know this though, you may have to give up some things, maybe even friends to a degree. However, there is a whole world of people who are doing exactly what your about to do, I promise you’ll find them.

With Love
Jeff Utnage

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…