Press Play (|>)”Little Bird” From “Star” Season 2

At humming bird speeds I was chasing greedy superficial intentions, paying no attention to the carnage I was leaving in my wake.
Cuffed, shackled and caged, my beautiful soul covered in singed feathers are the fruits of my labor, I’m ashamed for what I stood for.
Awoke, alive, I now strive not to survive but to thrive.
Ascetically training, maintaining and improving I happen to stumble upon you. You dropped a glimpse in my ocean and like a deprived man malnourished of the heart I instinctively pursued the sweet delicious scent with warm mastery and excitement.
But the brass clinging around my neck quickly saps and sobers my reality…
Damn my foolish fantasies, she would never fly with me and my felonies.
So I kepted it real,
I sung to you about chapter one through Us and even the unwritten ones that are now on record.
I warned you about the nectar from my cup, the beauty in my brawn and the smooth lyrical speaking, translation cheesy.
Yet you still return and drown yourself with addictive happiness, leaving you painfully sick.
The slick walls of my heart won’t let you climb, they only exhaust any guards you had up drowning them with my confident presence, the truth of my existence.
Unfortunately, backlash seems to be persistent due to a lack of physical attention, my past still at my present.
I didnt know Anxiety had a motive for killing patience and sprouting depression throughout our blooming expressions.
We try and try, reaching finger tips, tight chains and chilled sheets, its no wonder caution spreads cancerously.
The long inhale before the quick exhale creates the sigh after the dust settles, brushing off circumstances like the crumbs on our table, cleaning the slate that defines how we’ve started over.
Fingers laced through this stupid cage keepted you away and ultimately stayed away, for both our sakes.
Now, my thoughts and ambitions patiently watch the slow burnning wick melt every tick and tock that passes through the sky.
No worries, we’re not alone and everything will be just fine. Knocking the dust off and starting back at level 1 is okay.
Take a knee and get up when your ready.
I’m just grateful for a chance to start over. That cage will open eventually and touching the sky will only be the beginning.

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