Standing your ground in the face of confrontation is scary sometimes. I don’t like violence or violent people but where I’m at, this is where violence congregates…its prison.
We as gays need to be diligent to stay focused on our goals and future. But in the process we will run into opposition. We cannot be afraid to confront it directly and head on. 
The potential consequences is what people who manipulate use against you. No one wants to fight the big guy because its assumed his size is what leads to more pain. Bigger muscles, bigger pain. Other tactics are exposing a fault or a weak spot in someone. Or a potential social stigma that’s possible, that’s when fear sets in. Fear of consequences.
Holding a bad deed over your head or whatever. This is why we need to be transparent, so that when someone tries to use something against us, there’s no hiding. Its already out there, there’s nothing to air. Which leaves only social and physical consequences. Pain is temporary and you can always make new friends. Neither are good enough excuses to live in fear.
You have goals and if fear of failure is keeping you from trying, get on it. Face your fears head on. 
Be meek and humble. Love with reckless abandonment. But don’t be weak. As LGBT+ people we are strong and have faced harsh conditions. Some of us live in a constant shadow that our world could be gone tomorrow if we say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. But when you live humbly and with love and meekness then you have nothing to have held against you. Live without fear.

Don’t allow others to mistake your meekness for weaknesses. Stand up for yourself. Sure you might get a little dirty, but living in fear is not an option.

With Love
Jeff Utnage