This is for all of my brothers and sisters, in and out of the LGBTQ community, that grew up without a home. To my nomadic kin.

Witches with wild silver eyes and small monkey’s
who stared us down at a rest stops as children
We who slept behind the drivers side seat
curled in a ball
on the floor boards
among all the toys we could gather in one bag or had left from
…the last time we had to move

Dozens of elementary schools
and random babysitter’s
To all of us new kids
for the third time this year
To all of us who talked funny for the first time
and secrets

Our eyes probably met
while staring out the back
window on the highway going to
…wherever our Mom’s said was now safe
Or we spoke briefly in one of those
awkward childhood moments when we were
pretending to be like everyone else
To those that had to take notes
from your step dad to your new second grade teacher
on a piece of cardboard
…yes, to us

One day we’ll have a home
with a bed and a set of clean sheets
and a vehicle that only takes us places we want to go
and never anywhere else
where we have friends we’ve known
for more than the shortest lease time
We’ll make a city that is just for nomads
our destination and not
a rearview
where we learn that witches at rest stops with monkeys on their shoulders
are simply…
beautiful and not confusing
just beautiful.
Like us.

Beautiful nomads
children of the beautifully restless.

With Love
Ruth Utnage
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