Tonight I was pumped up, full of dance, jump kick’s and twisting! Yeah, I was up dancing on my bunk like I was in front of millions of people, the big stage baby. Good ol’ Bruce Springsteen’s “No Surrender”. I used my plastic yellow spoon for a microphone. The fuzzy warm sun setting down on me, birds chirping happy happy happy early spring melodies outside my window. Oooh how I love my life with a resounding shout! If I could bottle this up it would cure all depression, yep, with just a tiny sip of this thing called “Pure Positive Enthusiasm” WhizzBang ! Press-O Change-O ! and wall-lla, all better now.

Or you could just come visit me…………………who would have ever thought coming to visit someone in prison could be so uplifting!?! If you have any doubt, just ask my incredible family/friends. By the way, Im challenging anyone to take the opportunity to see for yourselves. Live a little, come visit !

Until we meet face to face will you do us both a favor? Play this “No Surrender” song from Bruce Springsteen’s Born in The U.S.A album at maximum volume and do a little dance. I’ll be here living my life to the Absolute fullest waiting to meet you. Heck yeah!

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Most Sincerely,
Marshall Byers

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