Prison has a few speakers that come in. All over the country men and women visit these places to give a message meant to inspire change. None have gone unappreciated by many.

A common mistake is made by many of them though. They say things like “I understand what your going through” or “there is no difference between you and me.”

God I hope that’s not the case! We need to hear from mainstream society. Those of you that have been hurt or effected. We need to see the aftermath of…us. We need to be inspired, yes. We need to hear that people are wanting us to succeed and not just throwing us away like filth or dust. But we need to know that regular folks, regular people who are doing the right thing, generally, are also interested.

We have so much to learn collectively, about normality and scraping by. We need to hear and interact with folks who have to make tough decisions and tell themselves no more often than not.

We need to be talking to you. We need to be interacting with people who are NOT like us. Who understand what it means to go without and still thrive. Who didn’t turn to crime or moral degeneration during a crisis. Yeah, we have things to learn and we need to hear them from you. 

One more way you can help end victimization. Interact and pass on much needed life lessons.

With Love
Jeff Utnage