TV is a big deal in prison. It’s the “electronic babysitter” that is usually very effective. So, of course, I own a TV and I typically use it to wind down at night and watch CNBC in the morning (I love following the stock market! Shout out to Squawk Box on weekday mornings! You Rock!). However, a recent cell move placed me at the end of a cable run and the signal isn’t strong enough to reach my cell. So I watch CNBC through fuzz and squint to check my favorite stocks.

What this has truly done for me is force me to seek other ways to wind down. Consequently, I am doing more personal reflection. Bonus!

Things like body scans, meditation, daily reflections and reading a few minutes before bed all are great ways for me to spend my time. Though, I have to be careful with reading because it is a favored activity and gets my brain all riled up.

No TV, no problem.

With Love
Ruth Utnage
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