Sitting here on my bunk waiting for dinner tonight it occurred to me that today is number 4,424. Now one might ask, 4,424 of what. It’s people I’ve made smile today, and it happens to be the number of days I’ve spent in prison. My point is, no matter where your at in life it comes down to this (for me at least).

Man/Women become what they think about, thoughts become things, and your attitude determines your altitude. Everyday I’m becoming the best me possible. I’m only limited by my own excuses, so the separation must be in the preparation. For if I prepare, prepare, prepare one day I’ll get that amazing chance and I’ll be ready!

Not only will I be ready, but I’ll have thee best attitude in the whole world. I will overcome every difficulty with a smile and help others along the way. If I trip and fall I will fall forward, never back. My heart beats with great enthusiasm, joy, love, compassion and excitement for everyday life, despite being in prison.

There’s no greater desire for me other than running out of these prison doors to pick my son and daughter up in a giant hug in the parking lot, and then driving away.

Marshall Byers
for www.lgbtqprisonsupport. com