The marriage of God, Jesus & LGBT people is a fiery subject for me. Not because of some biblical conviction, but because of the hate-based beliefs that are NOT biblical.

I yearn for a church and congregation that believes in God, a God that loves equally. Specifically Jesus, that He died for me too. 

I do not have a choice of believing in Jesus. In my case He has proved Himself real and genuine. I could not deny His existence because it would be a lie on my behalf. I am unwilling to do that anymore. Look where it got me…

So it is not a “new” religion I propose, but a revamping of the original. I say that a new Christian church be raised up, only it would be rooted in love. Maybe it could be called “The Church Of Love.” Our motto could be “Real followers of Christ, discrimination not tolerated here!”

Wouldn’t that be something? The gospel of your youth spread the way it was intended, with love. Not to hide behind, not to bash people with, not to picket in the streets to make people feel lower than us. Nope, we would just love. Love everyone. Not with drugs and orgies, no cultish behaviors. No weird rituals…Just true followers of Christ gathering to worship and be of one accord. 

I miss that. It is an experience I want to have at least once.

With Love
Jeff Utnage