Netanyahu Defends Gays At UN: This Is Why I Love Israelites

A few months ago I wrote Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. I commended him for his governments fairly recent positive treatment of the LGBT community in Israel. Though there is not total equality, there is a very good start. 

I was surprised to hear Netanyahu speak against Iran hanging homosexuals. For a Middle Eastern country to take a stance that its wrong to execute homosexuals is incredible. For Israel to do it is even more so. 

This is a classic example of someone standing up for what’s right no matter what the consequences may be. 

With tempers inflaming in the Middle East and Israel seeming to be the main focal point of so much unwarranted anger and animosity I find it honorable that Netanyahu would publicly say such a thing that defends his marginalized LGBT community. Especially when it is so controversial in the religious community.

I think I’ll write Ole Netanyahu another letter. 

With Love