I am taking a class where we have a business plan competition and I need market data. Actual money is at stake as the winner gets a $500 grant for start-up money (after release and completing some required steps). 20 or so CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and Venture Capitalists are coming in to oversee and judge our business plans and I need to gather some info, can you answer these five questions:

(this is for a program through Defy Ventures (a 501(c)3) called CEO of Your New Life, www.defyventures.org)

1. What types of publications do you read? Online or print

2. What is your experience with incarcerated individuals?

3. How could tax dollars be better spent to improve prison rehabilitation?

4. What do you think communities should be doing to reduce crime rates and recidivism (recidivism is relapsing into criminal activity, Websters)?

5. What is proof of change to you?(how do you know someone has changed)

I need feedback based on these. There is no wrong answers!

If you’d like to know more about the business plan I am pitching (I’d be happy to share) please contact me at [email protected]


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