Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The most peaceful time in prison is after 9:00 pm. I am locked in my cell around 8:45 pm, the guards walk by and count us. After that, prison becomes very silent. Yes, you can still hear the sound of a toilet flush, a sneeze or a burst of laughter, but overall the night is my time to relax and gain understanding, to reflect and write in my daily journal.

I’m feeling energetic, refreshed, loving, restored and safe. Today I’m so grateful for having the ability to help others and really care about them. I’m learning from current challenges to slow down and breath. Ask for help and be kind to myself, but just as importantly to be and live in the moment.

Today was Soooooo wonderful. Pure enjoyment, I’m still gushing with happiness. Laura, Lauren, Danny and even Big Rich spill kindness, love, acceptance, humor. They bring a unique experience that pales in comparison to all other groups/classes every time they show up. My need for community, friendship, education, familiarity, sustenance, discovery and connection was met! My heart always swells seeing them, they are so very welcoming and considerate.

Tonight I filled my large cup to the brim with yummy life giving tap water. Sat with my back against the cold hard prison wall, and slowly drank with deep appreciation and empathy. My intention was to think of all the people/animals in the world that are without water.

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