Thanks/Praise to God


I thank God for you

The word “love” is not just a word, you give meaning & depth to it

You’ve made me understand what love really is, when I used to be so focused on what it wasn’t

Thank you for making me a believer again!!!

I have someone I can turn to, someone I can rely on, & someone that cares how I feel

And I believe that I have given you all those same things,

To the best of my ability

We rely & depend on each other for security, balance, & stability

We don’t have to hide our TRUE emotions

You help make this situation easier & help me get by

I got a good reason to wake up & smile, baby I love the brightness in your eye

You know more about me than anyone, & with you I don’t gotta be hold back or shy

I can be myself with you, & you are yourself with me…

There ain’t no deception, false facades, masks, or game of charades

I love the openness, I love the chance to BE REAL…

In this place everything is SO FAKE, nothing is really what it seems, nobody acts like who they really are, nobody says what they really mean

A man gets sick of that after years, years, years & more years

You take me away from all the PHONINESS & remind me what it is like when 2 people come together & ARE REAL with each other…

I thank God for that!!!

I also thank YOU for that

I can’t relate to the bull crap I see & hear everyday in this place

I’ve disconnected myself from it, & I have found a REAL connection with something that has substance, & means something significant–YOU!!!

Our souls are connected together like a tether, no matter how far we was to drift off, (which I doubt would happen) that lifeline is still there & it keeps us connected, so we eventually would find our way back

I stand firm & tall on that, like a totem pole

You keep me grounded, you keep well rounded, you keep me sane you keep me whole, 

You gave life to a dead heart, you breathed a new spirit into me, you give LIGHT to the darkness of my soul

Rejuvenated, refreshed, ALIVE AGAIN, life is beautiful despite the circumstances & I cherish every precious moment we have

For the first time in decades I AM FREE AGAIN!!!

You are BEAUTIFUL, my OWN precious treasure

Delicate, sweet, & sassy

The depth of the love I feel for you is without an equal, is without measure

So keep in mind I always have your back, you ain’t ever got to worry about being abandoned & being left to fend for yourself—

Your struggles are my struggles

When times get rough, I embrace you with tenderness

Minus only caring about ME, minus all the self serving, self centeredness

When times get rough, I’m the sander/grinder that smoothes out the rough patches, polishes it & makes YOU SHINE again!!!

Why? because I love you & you: MAKE ME SHINE EVERYDAY!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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