I’ve been thinking about how to live my life better upon release from prison for the better part of a decade now. I have obvious elements such as:

Report as required to whom I must report to
Pay fines and obligations
Follow the rules imposed on me

All of these are obvious to me and several more are present that are obvious like “get a place” “save money” etc. But I am a pragmatic. I need a plan, I thrive on regiments and steps…pragmatism. Here’s my over all plan:

1. Get enrolled in college, study Criminology (I’m published in this field already) and prepare that I may pivot into Human Services or Business.

2. Get a career that uses my strengths, pays me well, encourages personal growth and appreciates loyalty. I’m open to new fields but initially I want to work for an HR Consulting firm or for a business / nonprofit that is in the social change arena. ( I want to seriously pursue wealth through a career that makes me happy, seems that may be dreaming for some, but I’m Ruth, I have never excelled on the beaten path)

3. Increase investment portfolio so that I can begin providing venture capital for start-ups (I’d like to begin with my first 10k, grow from there).

4. Position myself, credentially, to be a very loud and influential voice of reason in the correctional system to begin strategically shifting prison culture to be more educational and rehabilitative in nature focusing tax dollars to be more effective in their use with the final, long-term goal of ridding our country of a system that simply doesn’t work (our national average recidivism rates (that is, how often someone returns to prison on a new crime) are above 66%, that means prisons have a 66% failure/ineffective rate, we wouldn’t fund that kind of failure in any other field, not even pizza delivery or fast food, corrections is NO DIFFERENT).

5. Finish my treatments/therapy

6. Grow HumanMe.org into a platform that gives voice to a national writer-base, has everything one needs (in the free world) to create 1, 3, 5, or 10 year goal plans (for anyone), and mentor a prisoner safely and effectively. Ultimately I want this to be a fully functioning 501c3 and will likely be the way I introduce cultural strategy planning into a states prison system (as a consultant).

This is my initial plans. I of course want to date and continue to transition into Ruth, have that closet full of designer and fix my teeth. But those things will come naturally as will new cell phones and laptops and food. I need help getting those things but I actually need help getting the major stuff above. The career, the mentorship, the network.

I could use your help.

With Love