Y’know, there is some irony pointing to my theory of a serendipitous universe.. the first man I fell in love with was here in Washington.. Within the last few years. ….I KNOW, I have been down almost 10 years.. I KNOW! And, by using Logic… but ironically, we had met several times years before without even knowing it at the parties, because he was one of the rich boys I couldn’t stand from Dennis’ crew!

I’ve had a lot of experiences in the gay community. But in all my experiences, I have made some observations. Mainly, In my years while going to the Tuesday Sucks parties, we all felt safe. We went there because we all shared a common thread.. that we were all of the gay community. Some call it a family.. And when we walked around, we walked around united together. Strong in our togetherness for which Stonewall played a huge part. … … This happens here as well. We call it Unity.

And so here we are… right now, I’m going to humbly ask you to listen to my message. When the time was right, we placed up walls and stood together. We stood so strong that we were taken seriously. And we continue to stand in the same manner that we did before.

But the times are much different now. And perhaps it’s time we consider letting some of these protective barriers down so that we can include… the rest of the community.

I want Equality! Do you want equality?!? (point and ask for real)

Forgive me, but I don’t think it speaks to equality when we emphasize a GAY community and a STRAIGHT community… a WHITE community and a BLACK community. It doesn’t sound quite right anymore. It’s archaic. And if you don’t see it that way, let’s make it so. Because it only serves to emphasize our inequality. Instead, we categorize and create classes to separate ourselves. We form exclusive groups in the name of equality. …a contradiction. We commemorate Stonewall.. and rightly so. (softer voice). But it’s time to let some of our walls down . It is time…. to let some off our walls down.




















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