I am going to end victimization. 

This is my vision. Lofty, yup. Unrealistic? To some maybe, that’s why they haven’t done it…they believe its impossible. Well I do not. Its entirely possible.

I am going to assemble a team of dedicated people to end victimization. We will start with the LGBT communities and branch out into everyone’s communities. 

The team I assemble will be responsible for identifying areas that need attention to end victimization. Then, we will come up with a plan and seek the appropriate help and resources to implement our vision. Which is to end victimization.

I am seeking bold people who are audacious enough and dream big enough to know this is possible and worthy of our time. As a team of people with different strengths we can build an organization that impacts the world. This is reality. Get ahold of me. There is no better time than now.

Leaders do big things that attract big people. Let’s attract some really big people!

With Love