My name causes some to be self-conscious

It has been spoken by presidents, prime ministers, the Queen, Chairs and Co-Chairs, Executives and Boards, Judges and Senators, gangsters and thugs, even entire teams.

My name has been screamed in fits of rage and mixed with the spittle of disgrace

Its been written, scribbled, defamed, shielded, weaponized, and coveted

Then my name remembered it wasn’t randomly given

Some whim by a girl who couldn’t hold her drugs

My name remembered it was chosen, predestined, ordained by the Universe and carefully placed upon the crown of a baby

My name must be lived up to, it expects greatness

My name demands my reverence because I did not choose my name but my name has chosen me

It waited from the beginning of time for the perfect vessel to carry its weight and after thousands of years and trillions of babies it chose me

It knew the mistakes I’d make, the hearts I’d shatter, the trust I’d betray

But it also knew I’d carry it proudly, without shame, and would not let it down once I understood just exactly what my name expected


My name understands it will change the world because its waited millennia for the right vessel.

That vessel is me

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”