I have a friend in here who is having a bad day and I can’t help but feel her pain also. It’s as if I am also feeling the pain she feels. If that makes me empathic then so be it. I just know my heart hurts for her. I want to take her pain away like John Coffy from The Green Mile. 
She is an individual who has made a HUGE impact on my life, and is ONE of the most important people in my life. She has given me the strength to embrace myself in ways unimaginable. I don’t even think she knows the degree in which she has inspired me to become a better person. The way she carries herself is role model worthy. I have gleaned a lot from her and I hope she understands that some day. She is my sister, mentor, role model, and most importantly friend. I love her and have an astronomical amount of respect for her. 

Thank you Ruth for being a part of my life.

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