I woke up this morning in a crunchy mood. Prior to this I had never really attempted to become focused on other things outside of myself while in moods like this. However, this morning I was determined to make changes. This opportunity came when I was approached by my boss and informed of a vacant spot open for a trash porter on the wing. 
My automatic thought was not very nice. What came out of my mouth was the complete opposite, and it kind of shocked me. I simply asked if I could volunteer to fill that position on top of my regular duties. He informed me that I would not be getting paid, to which I responded with a smile and said “I don’t want it anyway.”
What I experienced after that has been more of a pay off than I could have ever imagined. Immediately I felt an calm flood through me that I never felt in moments like that prior. It was as if I had taken a “happy pill” and felt the affects immediately. I viewed this opportunity to volunteer as a glimps of what the “real world” is like. If it truly is anything like what I experienced this morning, I can’t wait to get out there to support the community in any way I can. That was a liberating experience. 


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