When a crime is committed someone typically gets in trouble for it. A person goes to jail or prison if its bad enough. A victim is created, or victims. Though there are primary victims and secondary victims, secondary victims being everyone in the community and even other prisoners and felons (don’t forget we are human too). But the families of prisoners, boy do they take it on the chin…

When I came to prison I lost every shred of family I had, however loosely close we were. They hated me then and most hate me nearly a decade later. But I am not the target of their ongoing venom, no that’s my Mother because she still communicates with me. How she became targeted is beyond me and it hurts to know she is the shield for me. How unfair…I lost my family, but so did she.

Once when someone came during one of Jesus’ sermons telling Him His family was calling for Him beyond the crowd He told them His family was right in front of Him, meaning the crowd and His followers. Now, I’m definitely not some wise Jesus, but it highlights how family should be viewed, family IS NOT BLOOD, family is those who love you no matter what and believe me when I say, I have a HUGE FREAKING FAMILY!!!!!!! But you know who needs support? My Mom.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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