I am sharing this because I am so proud of what Jeff has become, how his thinking has changed, how he looks at life now. Not because of me, at least not all, but because I couldn’t be prouder of the changes he has gone through and continues to do. I do love how far he has come. Thanks for reading everyone, these guys need love and support just like those of us out here on the mean streets of life.

This is for you…

I know I need to encourage you because you encouraged me my entire life
I know I need to love you because you have loved me unconditionally
I know I need to be a strong pillar to help hold you up because you have held me up for so long
I know I understand compassion because you have shown me, and so many others, so much of it
I know I need to work for myself, stand up for myself, and love myself…all because you have shown me first
I know I love to read, because I learned that from you
I know I need to give ridiculous amounts of chances, because you’ve given me so many
I know that when shit looks bad, I mean impossibly bad, that its just one solution away from being just fine because I’ve seen you solve so many problems by simply not giving up.

Have some confidence in yourself and what you have done thus far.

Mom, do you see me? I’ve done an awful lot of maturing over the past decade, I hope I’m making you proud because I’ve taken the very best parts of you and instilled them in the very worst parts of me and together were gonna change the world… I will make sure of it.

Love ya