It is no secret I love the LGBT community. Anyone who knows me understands my utter obsession with “us.” It’s just the way it is. Right, wrong, or indifferent I do things for them I won’t do for most.

When they annoy me, I hide it and listen anyway. When they are acting out of pure stupidity, I nurture them through the embarrassing aftereffects. Addictions, immaturity, low self-esteem, selfishness, promiscuous actions, etc. I don’t care. I love them all anyway.

It’s because I understand. I feel those things to. I’ve been embarrassed before because of my stupidity, promiscuous, selfish, low self-esteem… and more. I’ve been through the lowest of times and it took some pretty patient people to help me back up to level ground.

These people are my heroes. They loved me when it wasn’t a fad. They wrote me and gave me advice when I was terrified. They listened patiently as I panicked and acted irrationally, then showed me how to do better next time and they still loved me. Heroes do what others won’t.

To all of life’s heroes. May I join your ranks someday.

With Love
Jeff Jeffebelle