Republican, Democrat, Independent, Liberal, Socialist, Trump supporter, Left, Right… Do you identify with any of these? Then this post will definitely offend you.

I think our government is an utter failure. The original intention of the government was to oversee the safety, sovereignty, and growth of this country. Where the farmer could lead and represent their people as an elected official because the people saw them fit.

Now, however, I believe that any elected official is treasonous. Especially minority and LGBT politicians. They have betrayed us, the people, to pursue acceptance from a system that respects nothing. They have chosen to play along with the very system that marginalizes us.

I believe that some go into office well intentioned to use its platform for good. Those ones who refuse to fit into the system accordingly are murdered or removed in a slaughter fest of accusation. In order for an elected official to get anything done they must play by the rules of the slimy, narcissistic, self-serving, bigoted people that are in office.

Those folks are not representative of us, the people. They do not work regular jobs, they went to school to learn how to do what they do, to use the system as a career. This betrays the intention of the blood that was spilled to establish this country and it is treasonous!

Everyone says “Get to the polls and vote”, my question is, why? Our choices are not the ones we actually want. The Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee won’t finance candidates they cannot manipulate, which makes them treasonous too.

What we need is term limits across the board, you cannot be a career politician and serve the people. When your sole source of income is from public office you have a direct conflict of interest to keep your job to feed your family, this makes you manipulatable and the minute you compromise your public service for money you have betrayed your country, you have betrayed your people.

Republican, Democrat, Independent, Liberal, Socialist…none of them actually represent our values. If you are a Republican than Democrat is the enemy. Everything is the Democrats fault and vice versa. Our government is using party lines to pit us against one another, to force our beliefs into something they can manipulate.

The minute we stop playing is the minute the game is over. Refuse to elect anyone and demand term limits for every elected public service office and no more party lines.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruthie Utnage