What would happen if you taught a group of raccoons quantum mechanics? I think this should be obvious.. you would find Schrodinger’s cat stealing garbage in more than one location at exactly the same time!

How is a Hurwitz continued fraction like a woman? ..um because it cycles through regular periods? .. Sorry, the auto correct did that last part. It’s because they’re beautiful but.. always… irrational? Er.. nope. Not that either. Can I pass?

If you part chuck Norris’ beard, you get the answer to 1 divided by zero. Too bad nobodies been able to do it… and live! But if you divide Chuck Noris’ beard by zero, you get an infinite amount of dandruff.

What do you get when a little green grape holds its breath? A purple
grape. What do you hear when you step on the purple grape? A wine from an older purple grape. What do you suppose would happen if we tried to step on the older grape? …It would commute to somewhere safe? What is purple and commutes? Duh.. an abelian grape.

Don’t forget the order of operations..

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( . / . )__ ..Please Enclothe My Dear Aunt Sally
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by Christopher Havens























































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