I see a strange trend: Men want to be considered pretty. It used to be that if you called a man pretty that was taboo. He was ruggedly handsome or some other macho description. But therein lies my point, macho isn’t what it used to be. 

I remember as a boy thinking a man was good-looking and I thought “he is pretty! Wait, what do I call a pretty man? Handsome? My mother calls me handsome, what’s wrong here?” I was afraid to even think a man was pretty 20 years ago. Now its commonplace and men strive for it. 

I don’t think its all bad either. This isn’t a post on health pros and cons of demasculation or effeminate males. Its about why men suddenly think its OK to be pretty today when just 15 years ago that was an insult. 

I personally do not like aggressive males, rather, I dislike angry males. That’s more appropriate. I am not attracted to most men who are overly aggressive and have this ridiculous need to be alpha. In fact, I despise them. I am attracted to driven men who are achievers and go-getters and who are inclined to be “pretty”. If you ask me, and since your reading this I assume you will be interested, I don’t think that because a man has effeminate qualities he is any less “male”. 

This is where my androgynous views come into play, admittedly. As more and more men become OK with same sex attraction, even if its in the form of bisexuality, then there is more of a demand to attract both sexes. Which will naturally lead to a more “androgynous” look. Where masculinity and femininity are redefined. 

We are quickly advancing into a society where women will have to compete for the same men as other men. Which in some cases women will have to be OK with their man being “pretty” instead of “handsome”. 

What a curious world we live in.

What do you think about this?

With Love
Jeff Utnage