it is about someone from my past who I often dream about.

The remembrance of you has terrible weight.
like smoke in a valley,
you press upon my sleeping mind’s terrain.
Desire’s spectre.
Memories wraith.
An ephemeral presence dwelling,
within the furthest depths of dreams.
As translucent and silent,
as dragonfly wings.
Ever stirring ethereally,
provoking every cell of me.
You craft your form
of formless mind and…
sensation ghosts it’s way
down my spine,
like lover’s caress.
lung less breath upon my neck.
Effortlessly ensnaring me,
without hope, without redeemer.
As if you are a dream
having a dreamer.
Living within moonless night.
leaving footprints of starlight,
a path for the pathless
to follow.
You haunt me completely.
I am a cemetery shell in which
you ever dwell.

By James Cody Goodwin #764730 MCC- TRU D-620-2.